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    We create a compelling image and advertising messages for your business.

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    Our targeted media research, negotiation, and placement insures affective, cost efficient advertising.

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Let The Dales Group Help You

Your advertising messages need to stand out in a world of competition. I am here as an experienced guide and adviser make sure that happens in the one world that matters to you: your customers.

I tailor my services to the current and long term goals of your business and your customer. You receive the full benefit of my 30 years of experience on every project you bring to The Dales Group. There is no junior media buyer, excited new marketing intern, or sort-of web designer that works on your account. I love working with young talent, and it's exciting to see a person branch out into a new career, but you don't want them learning from their mistakes with your budget.

I work with a group of talented specialists that I match up with your projects for cost efficient graphic design, website programming, TV production, search engine marketing, printing, voice over,PR, advertising specialties, and other media services. I'm always seeking out the best talent for my clients projects. These exceptional advertising professionals are The Dales Group.

Media Placement by The Dales Group

Negotiation is the key to making the most of your advertising budget.

Radio, TV, billboards, print, and most other advertising sources are negotiated media. They all have limited availability because you can't sell time once it has passed, or fill space that is full. This is just one of the many issues that goes into the constantly fluctuating world of media negotiation. I worked as a media sales person before I became a media buyer. I know how to leverage my clients budget to negotiate the most cost-efficient ad schedule.

Beyond all the numbers, there is an art to media buying for maximum impact. It's a talent that only develops with time and attention to results. That is why I do all media scheduling, negotiation, and placement myself.

Media outlets are always trying to maximize the finite world they live in. The invention of digital billboards lets the billboard company sell the same space for the same time by rotating multiple ads. It also allows them to produce ads almost immediately without production costs. They have maximized their ability to sell time and space but they still can't sell yesterday or more rotations than the traffic will bear so we're still negotiating.

Welcome to The Dales Group Media and Advertising firm. California,Michigan,Florida.

We offer a customized range of services for business owners,marketing directors,
and advertising agencies seeking partners for media buying,website development,and creative copy writing.

Please call us today at (517) 214-4681. We offer a free initial consultation to viable clients. Lets Work Together!